Patio Covers, Lattice Covers,
Kenwood Ca. , Oakmont,
in the valley of the moon
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We sell, build, repair patio covers and lattice, pergolas
in the Kenwood, Oakmont area in the valley of the moon
Kenwood, Oakmont have some of the most spectacular
views in all Sonoma valley A patio cover or a lattice cover
or pergolas would make a great place to sit and enjoy the view, Dine out side and just relax in the Sonoma valley
A solid insulated cover will give you protection from the sun
​and the rain. A lattice, pergola will give you partial shade. But offers protection from harsh glare of direct sunlight Pergolas are a poplar cover for outdoor kitchens, barbeque areas Pergolas also give climbing plants a structure to grow A lattice, pergolas is beautiful addition to any Kenwood, Oakmont yard. A lattice, pergola can become a focal point in you yard and provide a sitting area that allows for a breeze and light. A solid aluminum patio covers have become very modern they can look like wood they can be insulated they have an open style gutter making it easy to clean they can have rafter tails giving the appearance of lattice but being a solid cover. Patio covers protect your furniture, barbeque, etc. Patio covers have become very poplar in the Kenwood, Oakmont, Sonoma valley area

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